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    This is the stand-alone Western-Herbalism Certificate Program, 1168pp of text in several 3-ring binders--highly illus. with color photos, other color illustrations, flowcharts, and tables. The lesson questions can be accessed by means of a password-protected page on our website and are also printed in the text.

    The student may, at any time as he/she pursues study of of this program, decide whether he/she wishes to end his/her studies with this program when completed or transfer the credits from this program into the Master-Herbalist Diploma Program, in which case the Western-Herbalism Certificate Program equates Module One of the Master-Herbalist Diploma Program and the student can go on to pursue Module Two (Asian Herbalism) of the Master-Herbalist Diploma Program as a separate purchase and then eventually the other modules of the M.H. Program.

Western-Herbalism Certificate Program

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