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Tina C.
Feb 08, 2021
In General Discussions
Hi, So My son age 14 went through Brain Cancer (medulloblastoma) in July 2019- May 2020. He went through Chemo (9 rounds) and Radiation (35 rounds) to brain and spine. He is Currently doing well and is 6 months cancer free. One of the lasting side effects he is having is regulating his body temperature. Especially in his Arms, Hands, Legs, and feet. His oncology team thinks that this is due to the treatment he went through. Sometimes it comes back and sometimes it does not. They do not have an answer on how to help him except hand warmers and lots of layers. The problem is He will be cold put on layers and then become to hot then taking off layers and become Freezing Cold again. It is not a fun game to play. I have also noticed that many times he does not realize his body is cold to the touch. I am talking turning purple and blue cold. I am making an educated guess here that something is going on with his circulatory system along with his hormones (hormone testing will be done in another 6 months) . I have been able to regulate the rest of his bodies minerals and vitamins with natural forms of treatment, (ex: Reiki, Cranial Sacral therapy, Acupuncture, Vitamins (holistic), and Diet Ect.) This is one of the last things that we are stumped on. He is one of the main reasons I started taking the classes I knew there had to be a better way. So Question. What or where would I start? What would I give him? I plan on doing more research (obviously ) but I thought I would ask like minded people first and some of you who are farther along then me. Still on Part 2 section 4. Thanks for all your help in advance!! Feel free to ask any questions about health history we are an open book.

Tina C.

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